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Bain+2 STEAM+C and Fuel Up to Play 60

Community Based Partnership:

Global Science & Envirotech

STEAM+C Programs

S = Science: 

T = Technology:

E = Engineering:

A = Art:

M = Math:

Offering students hands on experiences with experts from Global Science & Envirotech Inc. who problem solve real world issues, like creating aquaponics and hydroponics systems for our greenhouse.

Offering students Robotics, so they can learn to build and program the machines of the future.

Giving students experiences with the scientific method in a partnership with NASA to solve real spaceflight problems and communicate with NASA scientists.

Offering students photography, alternative arts, and fabric arts, so they can use various materials to create visual, paper, and fabric arts.

Offering Students Green Thumb Club where they plant and harvest produce, and maintain the school garden using soil tests, and other tools.

Garden 2017.JPG

C = Computing:

Students participate in Coding Programs that help them learn how to create games, websites, and computer programs.

Art Around the World 01.jpg

Bain+2 Program Participants pledge to be active for 60 minutes per day and eat Breakfast every day. Bain+2 helps by offering Fit Club, Sports Mix Up, NFL Flag Football, and more.

Summer 2016 New England Fuel Up to Play 60 Summit at Gillette Stadium

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