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Our programs offer a safe haven for students to learn and enjoy fun activities. We provide educational opportunities through hands-on projects after school. Being committed to student excellence and striving to give students access to new opportunities and technology has been central to the mission of Bain+2 and Kidventure for 15 years. 


We motivate our participants to succeed by providing academic and enrichment support. We are a STEAM+C program which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, plus Computing. We create educational pathways for students to help them explore careers in quickly growing fields. 


Our funding as a 21st Century Community Learning Center allows us to provide these opportunities. We are working toward a future in Cranston where we leverage community resources and partnerships to create autonomous after-school programs all over the district. Our current programs provide Kidventure students the opportunity to graduate into Bain+2 and continue to grow in the after-school programs. We also help ensure that Bain+2 middle school students have positive activities to engage in, helping keep them away from making negative choices.



Sarah DeCosta B.A.:

Program Director 

Cranston 21st Century Community Learning Center

Cranston Public Schools

Shane Becker B.A.:

Site Coordinator, Bain+2

In The


(En el Noticias):


is now open for the Kidventure and Bain+2 programs.

Registro ya está abierto para los programas Kidventure y Bain+2.

Register now for Afterschool Programs for Gladstone and Bain Students Only!


Parent Reminder


We accept cashier (bank) checks and money orders. 





When making payments; Print child's name on envelope and make bank checks or money orders payable to: Cranston Public School.




Marishell Staff Photo.jpg

Marishell Mata:

Site Coordinator, Kidventure

Contact Us With Any Questions:

Shane Becker:

Bain+2: 270.8017

Marishell Mata:

Kidventure: 270.8718

Sarah DeCosta:

270-8017 or 270-8717

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